In partnership with Approche-Ecohabitat, Ti Numerik organised an Ecolab in the area of durable housing.

Ecolabs are places to share technical innovations, a combination of learning together and experimental workshops. The idea is to develop skills, knowledge, and technical solutions in the sector of eco-construction. The participants gain confidence in their activities;  if they have designed their tools and equipment together, they will know how to use and repair them.

A first Écolab took place on the 19th February 2015 in the  Ti Numerik meeting room where  11 participants of all ages gathered with their hardware, knowledge, and the wish to share.  




 The junior association Kiwi-Asso regularly organises LANs or online gaming tournaments in

Ti Numerik's large meeting room.




A series of conferences and workshops on automation in the home have taken place at Ti Numerik.