How to build your professional website using Joomla (in French) - 6 February 2017

We hope to offer this course in English before long. It is short intense course meant for individuals, associations and clubs, retailers or anyone with a website project, but numbers are restricted to allow rapid progress. 

 Practical photography at Ti Numerik, at the Tuesday market and in the local bars. A chance to learn and to share. Coming soon,on Easter Monday, 17th April, a photographic ramble around Rostrenen. 





Alain Richard, manager, educator and diagnostic specialist presented his company to us: is a cooperative whose speciality is measuring electromagnetic poluttion.  50-60% of his time is spent on diagnosis.  His company also holds training courses to encourage the use of bio-compatible electricity.


 Intense use of of systems which use pulsating radio waves can cause health problems. Alain Richard, of, explained these waves, answered questions and suggested practical solutions which allow us to continue to communicate without worrying about our well-being.