What is a telecentre for ?

·         A service at the heart of a community 

·          For provision of equipment: computers, internet access, videoconference facilities…

·         For the sharing of knowledge and information

·         For bringing together different skillsets

·  For networking

I regularly work in Central Brittany for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months.  I haven’t been able to install an internet connection in my pied-à-terre, since the telephone network in the Breton hamlet is over-subscribed….

At first I managed as I could, going to cafés, libraries, mairies, or to neighbours’ houses, to name just a few. I had to put up with all kinds of hours and constraints.

I’m sincerely happy and relieved to have finally discovered Ti Numerik, because even if I have to travel a little bit to get there, the comfort is unequalled compared with what I had before: depending on how much concentration and quiet  the job I’m working on requires , I use either a private office or the communal area. The internet connection is excellent. And the staff are not only welcoming – whilst being respectful of one’s need to concentrate – but also very accommodating: it’s possible for example to have access to the premises outside the opening hours. Finally, Ti Numerik is in the centre of Rostrenen, and so it’s easy to find a place to eat at lunchtime.  I heartily recommend it !