Ti Numerik provides offices and a communal area for people

who habitually work alone to meet and pursue their business

activities in a studious environment



Ti Numerik manages a centre comprised of offices and a communal area dedicated to teleworking, and a meeting room for 20 to 25 people, with videoprojector and webconference facilities. This activity has brought together a number of local skills in computing, communication and photography. Thanks to the centrality of Rostrenen in the area, companies having a number of branches in Brittany, or who employ travelling reps  or whose staff are very spread out, choose Rostrenen as a place to meet, get up to date with admin, or make telephone calls.

What are your main objectives ?

Our aim is to support existing structures, businesses, admins or associations in discovering new technology,  encouraging new projects, offering the material and moral support needed to bring them  to fruition, whilst keeping a weather on the experiences of other regions which may be adaptable to our own.

We hope, via the digital economy, to  highlight the assets of COB and attract new economic players. This entails developing and promoting a modern positive image of KB.

Who uses the service ?

First of all there are those who work usually elsewhere in Brittany and who take advantage of the centrality of Rostrenen, whether to hold meetings or who need an office on an ad hoc basis during there excursions.

Then, there are travelling workers who are often on the road, who need to prepare a meeting, or make appointments in a neutral office.

It’s also a chance to use their available time to work in conducive conditions.


Finally, there are the self-employed who live in or around Rostrenen for whom its centrality is the chance to have a break from the solitary life and to work in a group. Exchanges with others  in a similar position can lead to mutual advantage.