What is a telecentre for ?

·         A service at the heart of a community 

·          For provision of equipment: computers, internet access, videoconference facilities…

·         For the sharing of knowledge and information

·         For bringing together different skillsets

·  For networking

Ti Numerik is very handy !

If ever my internet goes down or I find a gap in my schedule between two appointments in the vicinity of Rostrenen, there's an office with internet where I can sit down and work or make phone calls in peace and quiet.  Tried, tested and approved !

I regularly work in Central Brittany for periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months.  I haven’t been able to install an internet connection in my pied-à-terre, since the telephone network in the Breton hamlet is over-subscribed….

At first I managed as I could, going to cafés, libraries, mairies, or to neighbours’ houses, to name just a few. I had to put up with all kinds of hours and constraints.

I’m sincerely happy and relieved to have finally discovered Ti Numerik, because even if I have to travel a little bit to get there, the comfort is unequalled compared with what I had

A fast internet connection, a quiet space, a conducive atmosphere – these are indispensable for me to be able to concentrate on my work.

I  found them all at Ti Numerik during my visit to Rostrenen.

I made the most of the welcome at Ti Numerik in Rostrenen on the 10th November 2016 and must thank you for the quality of the facility, its accessibility, and for the friendliness of the people there that day, whether at reception or teleworking. It was a day as pleasant as it was effective and allowed me to fully appreciate the charms of Central Brittany afterwards.

A place to work in peace (with private office). An oasis where I can sit down when I’m not on the road.

A place where I can link up with my colleagues in Rennes and with my professional network.

But also there is a human presence, people with whom I can chat, so that I’m not permanently working alone. A social connection.

I come here too to find a place for meetings with all the necessary hardware (for web conference, videoprojector,  flip chart, coffee, tea, water….) I come also for information.

Sharing. New ideas.

Besides the friendly professional atmosphere and the fast internet connection, I find at Ti Numerik a network of skills and the spirit of progress.

 Alice has lived in Rostrenen for some time and needs a fast connection both to do her work and to stay in touch with her employer in Germany.

She appreciates the pleasant surroundings in the middle of town, a private office with a desk along with her encounters with other teleworkers from different walks of life.